Circle of Dawn Goals

     Crimson Dawn is mainly a Progression Raiding guild. We will occasionally be running Guild RBG's, Mythic Keystone Dungeons, doing World Quests together, and much, much more. Nevertheless we will always remain a Progression Raiding Guild. We have been around for many years, and are always looking to improve, become better, and challenge ourselves to one day be the Best!

     A guild is only as good as it's members, and that is why we will never stop looking for exceptional players who are striving and willing to improve their gameplay, and players open to constructive criticism. If you are a player dedicated to playing better, and being a consistent raider, We Want YOU in Crimson Dawn!

     Whatever your play style or interests may be, some courteous, friendly and social players will be welcome to join Crimson Dawn and make it their home. Because when we are not raiding, we will be running Mythic Keystone Dungeons, doing World Quests and all the other activities with the rest of the guild. So even if you are not a raider, you may still be welcome to join.

Crimson Dawn Guild Values

  • Members of Crimson Dawn must understand: Everything you do, reflects on the overall guild image, and all of your fellow guild members. We expect members to take actions that reflect positively on your Guild and your Guildmates.
  • When we recruit you, we recruit YOU and not the character you play. You may change your class and spec many times, but YOU will always be the one we are playing with.
  • Crimson Dawn is a Team of Friends. Backing up your Guild Members is expected at all times, because we would all do the same for you. Sometimes personal character sacrifice is needed for us to succeed as a Team. However, we don't see it as sacrifice because helping out a friend is more important than loot or pixels on a screen.
  • Participate in Guild Events. We understand that you have a life and you cannot live in World of Warcraft. All that we ask is, if you are online and there is a guild event going on, try to be there and participate in it. Guild events are one of the best ways for everyone to get to know you.
  • Make Friends in the Guild. At our core we are a Team of Friends, so make Friends! Those Friendships make us Stronger.
  • Respect Guild Leadership. Our Guild Leaders are constantly trying to make the game more fun for everyone. Even if you do not immediately understand why a Leader is asking something of you, we expect ALL Guild Members to follow the instructions of Leaders at the moment it is issued. If a Leader makes an error, they will be dealt with appropriately, nevertheless listen to all Guild Leaders as if they were your Guild Master.

Crimson Dawn Guild Rules

  • Upholding of all Guild Values and Rules is required of all Guild Members. There are no exceptions whether you are a Raider a Guild Leader or a Member. All Guild Members must maintain our Guild Values and Rules.
  • Guild Members need to behave in a Mature, Team Focused manner. Self Focused, Loot Focused, Elitist and Immature players will not last long in CoD.
  • Any issues with Guild Members or Guild Policies are to be brought directly to Guild Leaders/Guild Masters 1 on 1 via Whispers, in-game mail, or a personal Discord message. Public Bashing and Trashing will not be tolerated.
  • Personal attacks on other Guild Members is not permitted. Handle issues with another player 1 on 1, in a mature way. Seek a Guild Leader/Guild Masters' help if necessary but do not personally attack other Guild Members.
  • Backstabbing, Ninja Looting, Stealing from, Scamming or otherwise Harming other Guild Members is not permitted. It all goes back to our core value that we are a Team of Friends.
  • Crude Profanity, Sexual Content, and Obscene Content are not needed, and are not permitted in Guild Channels in game, our Discord, or on the Guild Website.
  • If a Guild Leader tells you to do something, please do it immediately. Do not argue with them or complain to them or Removal from the Guild may occur, after which you can explain to a Guild Master why you had to behave the way you did, and why you should be re-invited into Crimson Dawn.
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